Protect yourself

How to avoid scams

Here are some rules to follow to protect yourself against scammers and other internet criminals:

1.     Deal with businesses you know and trust. Read reviews, get testimonies from people you know, send the merchant an email and ask them questions about their business model, and their products and services.

2.     Update software often. Doing this will ensure that improvements are constantly made to the software you use when browsing online. Software that is not updated can have bugs and other vulnerabilities that open the back door to cyber criminals.

3.     Use discretion. If a website rubs you the wrong way, get away from it. Listen to your gut feeling. Some scams are really obvious – usually the ones that are too good to be true, but some are more subtle, like spoofs (when scam artists imitate trusted companies by illegally using their logo and other information to deceive people and steal from them).

4.     Use a secure payment platform for online transactions. If you ever buy anything online, you should do it through a payment processor that is secure, like Payza. Customer payment and personal information is always encrypted and stored on secure servers that are monitored and protected around the clock. 

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