Monday, 11 December 2017

How to Ensure Safety for Your Brand While Advertising on Digital Medium?

As a business owner it is vital to focus on how best to sell your products or services. With internet marketing being touted as the best means for quick product sale, it has to be used in the best way to increase sales. However, while trying to increase product or service sale, you should not overlook promoting your brand because what is seen is usually sold and that too in the right context.

How to Ensure Brand Safety While Promoting Products Online?

Most importantly, you should look into brand safety, which means using means by which it is never viewed by the public in a negative way while it is being promoted across various marketing channels. As usually seen even a right ad in the wrong context doesn’t do any good and while promoting in the digital medium sometimes it is not possible to have full control about what to place, where and why.

What does this mean? Take the example of an airline ticket discount promotion being placed alongside the images or news of an airliner crash. This kind of misplacement is bound to have a negative impact on the brand value.  In order to avoid this, you need to be specific to the advertiser about the environment in which the advert can run.

Another problem that can affect a brand advertising its products is spoofing. In this situation, you might be promoting your products on a website, but when doing this a competitor is trying to spoof on your brand name. The competitors will be using a similar name and luring people into offers that are fake and misleading.

Most likely, this can have a negative impact on your brand because its name is confused in people’s mind. In order to make your brand name have the maximum impact, it has to be placed in trusted sites that check the background of the brand that wants to use it as a medium of promotion.

You might have checked the quality of the site where your brand’s products or services are being promoted. However you are not sure of the page in which it is displayed will not have elements that are disturbing for the advert. In such situations, look into brand safety scores for each page of the site. You can find this out using various tools. Check for pages where your brand’s advert will get maximum exposure but will not be affected by any negative effects, such as placement of another brands with similar service else display on a page that often has disturbing news etc.

Finally, you need to make your adverts safe by putting them in sites that have measures in place for customer safety as this give complete brand safety. A customer is likely to click the advert which will take him or her to the site where the products are displayed. However in doing this, his personal information should not be compromised.

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