Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Best Ways To Keep Away From The Craigslist Payza Scams

Online shopping is the most common thing in our daily life these days. With unlimited access to the internet, more and more people are turning to the online platform for buying new products or selling their own. However, with the rising number of Payza scams, performing transactions online has become more difficult than ever.

A moment of inattentiveness and you may end up trapped in the cyber criminal's web of deception while losing all your hard-earned money. One such fraud is the Craigslist Payza Scam where people are turning into victims while selling or purchasing products.

Huge amounts of money are lost due to the scammers each day. Unless you become aware of the various scam scenarios and stay careful during the online transaction, you can't stop the online frauds and imposters from fooling you.

Here are the three most common signs that can help you avoid Craigslist Payza frauds. By recognizing these three red flags, you can protect your Payza account and prevent cyber.

Buyers Offering More Money

When the buyers begin to offer more than the mentioned price, you can know for sure that it's a trap waiting ahead of you. For example, suppose you have something valuable that you put up on Craigslist for sale. And within one or two days you receive a proposal where the buyer is offering a huge amount of money for that particular item that is too good to be true.

The buyer will even mention that he has sent you money in the online payment processor, Payza. Well, it's an easy and common way of convincing a person to step into a scam by offering him irresistible purchase amounts.

Sellers Selling Products So Cheap

While shopping on Craigslist, you may find some excellent deal where the product is very valuable, but the selling price is unbelievably low. If you dig deeper, then you'll find a long, sad story of the seller and equally sad reasons for selling that product so cheap.

All these sobbing and crying are intended to make you emotionally vulnerable and making your reasoning abilities go blind. Don't fall prey to these online sob-stories, because it ultimately leads to the security breach and stealing of your money.

Beware Of Claiming Gift Money

You need to stay aware of such proposals where you may be told to collect the remittance send to you by someone unknown. It's kind of a signature scam where the moment one clicks on the transaction numbers provided to him; his account information gets hacked. However, it is not the way Payza works. If you're in doubt whether someone sent you some money or it's a deception, it's best to contact Payza and to verify it directly.

These types of scams are becoming more and more prevalent; it has become important that you learn to identify whether the deal you're doing is a scam or not. The best way to prevent yourself from stepping into any scams while doing the transaction through Payza is by staying away from suspicious offers that may sacrifice your online security.

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