Monday, 11 December 2017

How to Ensure Safety for Your Brand While Advertising on Digital Medium?

As a business owner it is vital to focus on how best to sell your products or services. With internet marketing being touted as the best means for quick product sale, it has to be used in the best way to increase sales. However, while trying to increase product or service sale, you should not overlook promoting your brand because what is seen is usually sold and that too in the right context.

How to Ensure Brand Safety While Promoting Products Online?

Most importantly, you should look into brand safety, which means using means by which it is never viewed by the public in a negative way while it is being promoted across various marketing channels. As usually seen even a right ad in the wrong context doesn’t do any good and while promoting in the digital medium sometimes it is not possible to have full control about what to place, where and why.

What does this mean? Take the example of an airline ticket discount promotion being placed alongside the images or news of an airliner crash. This kind of misplacement is bound to have a negative impact on the brand value.  In order to avoid this, you need to be specific to the advertiser about the environment in which the advert can run.

Another problem that can affect a brand advertising its products is spoofing. In this situation, you might be promoting your products on a website, but when doing this a competitor is trying to spoof on your brand name. The competitors will be using a similar name and luring people into offers that are fake and misleading.

Most likely, this can have a negative impact on your brand because its name is confused in people’s mind. In order to make your brand name have the maximum impact, it has to be placed in trusted sites that check the background of the brand that wants to use it as a medium of promotion.

You might have checked the quality of the site where your brand’s products or services are being promoted. However you are not sure of the page in which it is displayed will not have elements that are disturbing for the advert. In such situations, look into brand safety scores for each page of the site. You can find this out using various tools. Check for pages where your brand’s advert will get maximum exposure but will not be affected by any negative effects, such as placement of another brands with similar service else display on a page that often has disturbing news etc.

Finally, you need to make your adverts safe by putting them in sites that have measures in place for customer safety as this give complete brand safety. A customer is likely to click the advert which will take him or her to the site where the products are displayed. However in doing this, his personal information should not be compromised.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Payza Rocks At The MPE Awards 2017

In today's fiercely competitive marketplaces, the customer is king. With the growth in Ecommerce, there has also been an increasing focus on the overall experience provided to the customer. Customer journey analytics is a growing science and it is being said that the key factor that will differentiate top businesses from their competitors is the quality of customer experience they offer. All top businesses today are looking at ways and means to improve the overall customer experience.

There are various aspects to customer experience - it is not only about usability of your online website but also includes other parameters such as security, response time, social media integration and ease of access to your services along all the touchpoints in the customer journey. You can improve the customer experience by first studying the customer journey,  analyzing all customer touch points with your business and making sure the best experience is delivered to your customers at every touch point across all channels. This also means following certain best practices such as keeping your customers informed about your products and services, making sure any information provided by your customers is kept safe and secure, providing a platform for customers to share their experiences and feedback with providers as well as with other customers.

Managing Customer Complaints

Even with the best of attempts there might still be some instances when the customer is not satisfied with your services. This dissatisfaction might get voiced either when you are soliciting feedback or via social media or in the form of a customer complaint. Popular payment processing platform Payza recently won an award for the best online payment method provider. It's executive Vice President Firoz Patel says that Payza has always focused on providing its customers the best of services. Having a strong commitment to deliver value to its customers is the reason that Payza has grown to 13 million registered users in the last few years. Its services are available in countries around the globe and it supports 25 different currencies. Payza also integrates with local payment methods and services to provide superlative end to end services to its customers. Besides funds transfer, Payza also provides a host of other value added services to business and individuals. Given the significance of cyber security in the online world, Payza uses has an elaborate security policy to ensure user information is kept safe and the latest security mechanisms to avoid any misuse of Payza personal and business accounts. How did Payza achieve so much in such a short time?

Firoz Patel says that the reason behind this success is paying attention to the needs and complaints of its customers. If customers ever complained that Payza sucks, this was used as an opportunity to understand which touch points needed to be improved. In today's competitive and fast paced world, businesses are expected to be agile and keep adapting their products and services to meet the needs of the customers. Also thanks to the advent of social media, customers are quick to post their feedback on social sites if they are not satisfied. Taking all this feedback seriously is the key to Payza's success at the MPE Awards 2017.

The MPE or the Merchant Payment Ecosystem awards recognise the achievements of companies across payment ecosystems and are a very popular awards in Europe for this industry segment. Payza received the award based on its fraud prevention methods and unique features like tokenized dynamic payment buttons, custom avatars, flexible payment options and hassle free integration services. Payza says this award is a recognition of its efforts to provide world class services to its customers.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Payza Scam Prevention Measures Really Work!

There are a lot of threats in cyberspace. Hackers, scammers and cybercriminals have carried out a lot of attacks in recent times often at an unprecedented scale. As the threat of cybercrime grows, it is your responsibility as online users and shoppers to keep your information safe. Businesses and payment processing platforms are also required to take the necessary measures and precautions to ensure user information is kept safe.

Leading payment processing platform Payza has a comprehensive security policy to keep users safe while shopping, selling or sending money online. Payza is a leading payment service provider which allows you to send and receive money with confidence and keeps your personal information safe.

The procedures followed by the Payza scam prevention team to make transactions secure are as follows:
  1. Payza has strict KYC policies to ensure security of members accounts. This applies to both businesses and individual account users.
  2. All merchants using Payza platform have to ensure compliance with Payza terms and conditions. Payza merchants who wish to integrate the payment buttons with their website are required to submit their website for review by Payza experts before they can start accepting payments through Payza.
  3. Payza uses the https protocol. All transaction data is filtered through a 128-bit SSL encryption system which encrypts sensitive information.
  4. Payza has a proprietary fraud matrix. The Payza fraud matrix is a state-of-the-art real time monitoring platform to monitor and detect fraud.
  5. Payza has a dedicated resolution center to resolve disputes arising out of any transaction. Members can file, respond or resolve their disputes at the center.

In addition to this Payza recommends that its members also take adequate precautions to make sure their information is safe. Members can follow these rules while shopping online:
  1. Users should watch out while shopping for items with a long shipping time. There is more risk involved with items shipped more than 20 days after the payment date.
  2. You can understand the seller by corresponding via emails or chats before making a purchase.
  3. Users are recommended to purchase from Payza verified sellers only. Payza has authenticated their identities and businesses so the shopping in secure.
  4. Be careful while buying high value and popular items. Do research and know about the seller before purchasing.
  5. Users should be careful of online scams while shopping online. You can avoid online shopping scams if you shop from familiar sites. Beware of misspellings or sites using a slightly different top-level domain name as these are fake sites to trick users. Never ever give credit card information on sites which are not secure.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ecommerce Businesses Need To Build Safeguards To Prevent Online Fraud

The use of the Internet is spreading rapidly. People use the internet not only to find information but also to purchase goods and services online. With online activity, there comes the risk of eCommerce fraud and cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their hacking techniques. Due to this threat, it is important to secure networks and also data. Merchants need to have the right capability to detect fraud in order to protect their customers. Any breach can seriously dent the reputation of your online business. Customers, in turn, need to take precautionary measures.

Safeguards Against Online Fraud For Customers

There is no easy way to prevent online frauds but you can always take precautions. You can follow these steps to increase online security:
  1. You should keep your computers and mobile devices up to date. For this, use the latest software and operating system. Use the best defenses against virus, malware and online threats.
  2. Always use a strong password. A strong password is typically 8-12 characters in length and is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  3. You should look out for online frauds like phishing. Phishing is the fraudulent use of emails and websites to trick users into giving away personal information. Do not click on links or pop-ups which you are not familiar with.
  4. Keep your personal information to yourself. Lock your privacy settings and avoid posting information like birthdays, addresses and children’s school on public media. Remember, hackers use social media profiles to figure out passwords and security questions.
  5. Your internet connection should be secure. You should protect your home networks with a password - change the manufacturer’s default password. Always be cautious about the information you send while using public networks.
  6. Be careful while shopping online. Always use websites that use encryption. Check the website address for ‘https’ and a tiny lock padlock before the site address.
  7. Always read the site’s privacy policy before providing any of your details online.

Safeguards Against Online Fraud For Ecommerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses also need to protect themselves against fraud. If you are an online retailer, you should keep your online business PCI compliant and safe. PCI compliance is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all online businesses maintain a secure environment. PCI is designed to protect customer data. PCI applies to all organizations and merchants irrespective of the size or number of transactions. Noncompliance could result in a fine being levied.

There are many eCommerce platforms to choose from. The eCommerce platform you choose should protect you against fraud. Hence, always check the platform security features along with costs and transaction rates. A platform with best rates may not be the safest payment processing platform.

Once you have chosen the right payment processing platform and you are in compliance with PCI requirements the next step is to ensure your customer information is safe and secure. This includes checking all your URLs are protected via ‘https’ during the checkout process. Regularly update your web server controls and databases passwords. If required, hire a security auditor to check for any weakness in your website. Setup system alerts to screen suspicious activity to automatically alert you when it occurs.

In this way, you can limit the vulnerabilities in your online business and keep it safe from hackers, cyber criminals, and online fraud.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Spot Phishing Emails Before They Trick You!

Emails have truly revolutionized communication. They offer ease of use and simplicity. Emails are widely used today for personal as well as business correspondence. There are many paid and free email service providers. For all the benefits they offer, emails have also been misused. Spammers use emails to swamp your mailboxes with unsolicited emails and hackers use it to gain access to your personal information using phishing emails.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing scams are fake email messages which may seem to have been sent from real organizations such as banks. They are usually well formulated and ask recipients to provide their personal details. Sometimes they require you to click on a link. Clicking on the link usually downloads malware onto your computer which can then wreak havoc. Cybercriminals have become so adept at creating malicious phishing emails that the content includes logos and color schemes similar to the organizations they are masquerading as.

Spot Phishing Emails

There are different types of phishing frauds.

Conventional Phishing Scams

This is the most common attack. It is basically an email that is sent out in bulk with the hope of trapping as many users as possible. You might be familiar with the Nigerian email scams that have flooded almost all our mailboxes.


This attack typically targets the CXO level group. For example, a whaling email might appear to have been sent by the CEO to all employees of the organization. The intention is to trick employees into sharing confidential company data that could then be misused by cyber criminals.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is more of a targeted kind of attack where a specific individual or group of individuals are targeted.

Protect Yourself From Phishing Attacks

So then how do you protect yourself from phishing scams? Here are some ways by which you can spot phishing emails and stay safe.

  • Check the email address of the sender. Does it have any errors in the spelling or the domain name?
  • Is the message requesting you to share private information? Remember, organizations such as banks never ask you for your personal details on email.
  • Is the message offering you something that appears too good to be true -Like a lottery or a reward in a competition that you did not even participate in? Think twice before responding to such emails.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Best Ways To Keep Away From The Craigslist Payza Scams

Online shopping is the most common thing in our daily life these days. With unlimited access to the internet, more and more people are turning to the online platform for buying new products or selling their own. However, with the rising number of Payza scams, performing transactions online has become more difficult than ever.

A moment of inattentiveness and you may end up trapped in the cyber criminal's web of deception while losing all your hard-earned money. One such fraud is the Craigslist Payza Scam where people are turning into victims while selling or purchasing products.

Huge amounts of money are lost due to the scammers each day. Unless you become aware of the various scam scenarios and stay careful during the online transaction, you can't stop the online frauds and imposters from fooling you.

Here are the three most common signs that can help you avoid Craigslist Payza frauds. By recognizing these three red flags, you can protect your Payza account and prevent cyber.

Buyers Offering More Money

When the buyers begin to offer more than the mentioned price, you can know for sure that it's a trap waiting ahead of you. For example, suppose you have something valuable that you put up on Craigslist for sale. And within one or two days you receive a proposal where the buyer is offering a huge amount of money for that particular item that is too good to be true.

The buyer will even mention that he has sent you money in the online payment processor, Payza. Well, it's an easy and common way of convincing a person to step into a scam by offering him irresistible purchase amounts.

Sellers Selling Products So Cheap

While shopping on Craigslist, you may find some excellent deal where the product is very valuable, but the selling price is unbelievably low. If you dig deeper, then you'll find a long, sad story of the seller and equally sad reasons for selling that product so cheap.

All these sobbing and crying are intended to make you emotionally vulnerable and making your reasoning abilities go blind. Don't fall prey to these online sob-stories, because it ultimately leads to the security breach and stealing of your money.

Beware Of Claiming Gift Money

You need to stay aware of such proposals where you may be told to collect the remittance send to you by someone unknown. It's kind of a signature scam where the moment one clicks on the transaction numbers provided to him; his account information gets hacked. However, it is not the way Payza works. If you're in doubt whether someone sent you some money or it's a deception, it's best to contact Payza and to verify it directly.

These types of scams are becoming more and more prevalent; it has become important that you learn to identify whether the deal you're doing is a scam or not. The best way to prevent yourself from stepping into any scams while doing the transaction through Payza is by staying away from suspicious offers that may sacrifice your online security.