Thursday, 13 November 2014

Real Scams to be Aware of when Using Payza

Payza is a great way to send money online or to accept payments if you run an online store, but not everyone that uses Payza is honest. There are real scams you need to watch out for. They collect money but do not intend to provide you with what they promise. These people are bad for everyone, but they are usually very easy to discover and Payza does a good job of shutting off their accounts before they cause trouble.

We see the signs all the time, someone has a product or offer that seems too good to be true. You know what they say, if something looks too good to be true, it usually is. We all know better, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves and end up falling for these real scams.
There are strong Payza scam prevention programs in place to help fight scammers before they even start bothering real Payza customers. There are many features in place to keep scammers from using their accounts to trick Payza members. Still, some scammers are very persistent, they try again and again to use Payza to fool people into giving them money. Usually these scammers are caught very quickly, usually before they are able to get any money, but you can still help out too.
What should you do if you run into a Payza scammer? It’s important to report scammers to Payza immediately, they can help you get your money back and will shut off the accounts of people they catch scamming.

Here’s how to report someone you catch running a real Payza scam:
  1. Gather the proof, including the website address, email address and any screenshots that show the scam taking place.
  2. Go to Payza’s Support page and submit a support ticket.
  3. Select Account Security and click “Next”.
  4. Fill in the information and send the ticket.

Reporting these Payza scam artists is easy and takes almost no time at all. You can feel good reporting people that try to use Payza to take advantage of others, it will help make the internet safer for everyone.
It’s important to help catch the scammers even if you do not fall for their fraud. Make the internet a safer place by reporting these scams as soon as you find them. Follow these steps to help protect people from falling for obvious scams, and help Payza catch the scammers before they are able to cause trouble.


Whenever you come across a scam on the internet you should report it immediately. This article shows you how to report Payza scams to help Payza with their scam prevention and make the internet safer for everybody. It will show you exactly what to do when you spot someone using Payza suspiciously, offering a product that’s too good to be true. Luckily Payza already has a strong scam prevention system in place to protect their members, but you can help them by reporting any suspicious activity you see.