Thursday, 3 July 2014

Payza Scam Prevention and the Axis of Cyber-Evil

Running a small online business can cause some large security concerns. Hackers these days aren’t satisfied with merely disrupting files or altering web pages, they are coordinating with organized gangs to steal data and sensitive financial details from businesses and their customers. So it’s imperative for a large company like Payza, which deals with individuals as well as small businesses all around the world, to warn our customers about the very real threat of Payza scams and to teach them how to recognize and avoid them. 

The combined threat of hacks and scams perpetrated by cybercrime rings cost the global economy hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Such security breaches, including Payza scams, can also cause irreparable harm to a company’s reputation. As cybercrime becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s imperative to use up-to-date security tools, to stay vigilant, and to take a multi-faceted approach to protecting your online business.

The Axis of Cyber-Evil

The modern cyber criminal is persistent and resourceful. They won’t come at you from just one angle, especially since they know that small businesses don’t have the extensive resources to pour into security that banks and large corporations have. A hacker who is unsuccessful at infiltrating a target via a particular strategy will simply try another. 

Therefore, business security should be broken into three main areas: 

1. Technical. The basics in security software, which include antivirus, screen lock, storing sensitive data in an ISO 27001 secure environment and protecting the most valuable data with additional layers of security, lay the foundation for keeping data safe. Every piece of software or application should be updated with the latest patch to guard against the most recent vulnerabilities.

2. Physical. All the IT protection in the world is not going to stop someone with physical access to your computer. Beware of strangers and people behaving suspiciously around you.

3. Personnel. With the increasing sophistication of phishing and social media attacks, staff members need to understand how to behave appropriate online. The staff should be trained in cyber security and kept on a need-to-know basis; sensitive data should only be able to be accessed by those who need it.

Cyber-Crime Bytes the Dust
To implement cyber security properly, follow these simple Payza scam prevention steps:
  • Use complex passwords and change them often. Don’t use birthdays or addresses, and don’t use the same password for multiple websites.
  • Install internet security software and keep it up to date. Make sure that every device in your home and your business has internet security software installed, particularly if you use the same devices outside of the home and office.
  • Don’t click suspicious links. If you don’t recognize a link or have reason to suspect it, don’t click it. You can check the validity of the link by typing the main URL directly into your browser.
  • Limit when and where information can be accessed. For commonly-used resources like email, web, CRM and records management, it’s recommended to use well-established providers of cloud and hosting services. Even if this is the only security measure you put in place, you can greatly reduce the threat of a hack with this one step.


Security is a frame of mind, so whether you’re just shopping online or you’re running a business with dozens of employees, it’s your responsibility to protect your data from cyber criminals. To learn  learn how to stay safe online on the Payza Blog. 

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