Friday, 15 November 2013

How Merchants Avoid Payza Scams

It is well known that there are all kinds of cyber threats attacking the online community, putting our information at risk. It can be scary when we realize that these threats are right under our noses. When you spend time online, doing activities like shopping or online banking, you have to be extremely cautious. The digital world is a very dangerous place for the uninitiated, especially for someone running and online business.

As an online business owner using a digital payment processor, it is essential that you take every precaution possible; that is, if you want to protect your business, and more importantly, the customers that keep you in business. It is their personal and financial information, after all, that keeps your company going. Online scams, for instance, can trick your clients into giving away their private information, therefore putting them at risk for fraud and identity theft. Thus, it is crucial that you take all necessary precautions in order to protect their security.

If you use Payza's services in particular, there are a few things that, as a merchant, you can do to decrease the risk of Payza-specific scams (known as "Payza Scams") from harming you, your business or customers.

Know What’s Going on Around You

To make sure you are properly safeguarding against any potential Payza scams, you need to know what is happening with your business online. Being up to date on potential threats or scams that can reach you and your customers is an important part of this. You need to act as a watchdog, being very observant when it comes to details. You should be patrolling the Internet daily, and if you notice anything odd or different (spelling errors, e-mail or webpages asking you for unusual information, a lock or "https" in the address bar, etc), you should act immediately. Paying attention to the little things may help you have a big save down the road.

Keep Updating

As a merchant, it is your job to make certain that the tools you use to conduct business, like computers, software or even Payza's payment gateway, are all up to date. Threats are easier to seep through the cracks when software is not updated - and if a scam does break through your system, it is then possible that it can break through another, and another, until it reaches confidential information. Thus it is crucial that your company's tools are always running their most current versions, because otherwise they will be more susceptible to possible Payza scams.


Even after taking all preventative measures, scams are still waiting on the Internet. If you hear of any Payza scams that may be harmful to your business and customers, it is important that you inform them immediately. You need to explain that there is currently a threat that they should keep an eye out for. Providing clients with this information is a valuable service that will increase vigilance and prevent further scams from breaking through your safeguarding measures. Informing everyone that could be affected by a threat, include Payza itself, is the first step in defeating a Payza scam.

Remember, staying vigilant against Payza scams will allow you and your customers to have a safer and easier Payza platform experience.

Resource Box

There are plenty of ways to watch out for any online scams and ultimately avoid them. To learn more about Payza scams and how to prevent them, visit the Payza Scam Prevention Center or the Payza blog for more information!

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